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Low FODMAP Vegetables for IBS

Veggies are a great way to enjoy a delicious, filling, and even refreshing meal.  And better yet, the right vegetables can be part of a low FODMAP diet to fit into a broader IBS treatment effort.  However, not all vegetables are created equal.  Below we suggest the vegetables that you should incorporate into your treatment plan.

Low FODMAP vegetables to eat for IBS

Low FODMAP broccoli

The Monash University recently tested both broccoli stems and florets for their FODMAP content.  It turns out that the heat and floret is a very low FODMAP food (so, good!), while the stem is higher in FODMAP contents.  Avoid eating only broccoli stems and you should be good to go.  The stems are especially high in fructose.

Serving size is also important here.  Keep to one recommended serving size to avoid triggering IBS.

The same cannot be said for similar vegetable broccolini, which contains slightly higher FODMAP contents, which are concentrated in the head and floret.  So don't be confused.

Low FODMAP carrots

Carrots can be an effective choice for managing your IBS symptoms.  Like other vegetables, carrots may be easier to digest if you cook them first.  Baby carrots, multi-colored carrots from a farmers market... they will all work great!  Try seasoning carrots with your favorite herbs or bring out the flavor with balsamic vinegar

Low FODMAP cucumbers

Cucumbers are also low in fructose and we love them because they are a versatile vegetable.  Try mixing with tomatoes and your favorite salad dressing into a light salad, or combine them with chives and lactose-free yogurt into a Greek-inspired snack.

Low FODMAP eggplant

Last but not least, the underrated eggplant.  One cup of eggplant is considered low FODMAP.  There are a number of different prep methods and recipes.  A few of our favorites are easy-to-make eggplant wedges, or a low FODMAP eggplant parmesan.

Low FODMAP vegetables parting words

There is a great variety of vegetables that people with IBS should be able to tolerate.  As we suggest as part of a full nutritional assessment, try introducing these vegetables into your diet one at a time.  These vegetables provide a variety of colors, tastes, nutrients and recipe possibilities.  Bon Apetit!

Find more Low FODMAP tips on our Low FODMAP Diet resource page

Want more information on a successful IBS Diet? Then make your way to our IBS Diet overview section!

Britney Kennedy
Britney Kennedy
Britney is the founder of OnPoint Nutrition

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