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honeygrow Just Launched a Kids Menu- Here are the Nutrition Facts You Need to Know

Have you heard the news?!  The whole family can now enjoy a delicious meal with our friends at honeygrow! (Website | Instagram) Their new kid’s menu features perfectly customizable stir-fries for children twelve and under.  If you’re familiar with honeygrow, ordering for your kiddos is super easy! If you’re not, it’s a build-your-own style where you pick a combination of items from the categories below:

  • Start with a base: egg white noodles or steamed brown rice
  • Choose a sauce: sesame garlic or olive oil & parmesan
  • Pick a garnish: sesame seeds or parsley
  • Sneak in veggies: broccoli, carrots, peppers, green beans and/or snow peas
  • Add in protein: all-natural chicken

What We Recommend: OnPoint Kids Pick

Build a bowl that starts with whole-grains, a light sauce, vegetables and lean protein:

  • For example: steamed brown rice + olive oil & parmesan + parsley + broccoli & green beans + all-natural chicken



What about the portion size?

As you would expect, a kid’s bowl will be smaller than the traditional honeygrow salad or stir-fry. Keep in mind general serving sizes:

  • For grains, one serving is ½ cup
  • One serving of vegetables is 1 cup
  • For kids, three ounces of lean protein is a perfect portion... about half a chicken breast, for you visual learners out there

For you honeygrow lovers, this is just the beginning. Their new kid’s menu is available at three locations: Rockville, MD, King of Prussia, PA and Cherry Hill, NJ, with more to come!

Want the full scoop on honeygrow?  Check out our full write up here!

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