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Giant to Open Three More Heirloom Market Stores in Philadelphia

Hey Philly friends!

Have you heard the news? Grocery shopping is going to get even easier in our busy city! I recently wrote a review of Giant Food Stores new Giant Heirloom Market in Graduate Hospital and I am back to let you know that THREE additional stores are in the works!

Word on the street is that new locations will be popping up in the neighborhoods of University City, Northern Liberties and Queen Village. Some of you may be thinking, “wait, do we really need more grocery stores?” But I’ll tell you what, these aren’t your typical too-big-to-navigate supermarkets.

They are almost like mini indoor farmers markets: gorgeous produce, fresh and local meat, and minimal snacks. Of course, there are some additions that you can’t get at the farmers market such as alcohol and kombucha on tap (a specific feature of the Graduate Hospital location).

The four separate stores will differ slightly, catering to the specific neighborhood in which it resides. Think University City location… of course it will accept Drexel University and University of Penn’s student cards for payment as well as grab-and-go items.

The new Giant Heirloom Market’s are a new way of shopping with well-thought-out organization (the flowers are positioned directly beside the cards!), self-checkout ONLY and specific product selection/offering catering to frequent shoppers.

The competition is hot though, with Sprouts Farmers Market on Broad Street, two Whole Foods' that have their own set of followers in the city and we can’t forget the Market Street staple, Trader Joe’s. In terms of price, you can stick to a tight budget and shop at Giant Heirloom Market, if you know what to look for. When in doubt, choose Giant Nature’s Promise Organics line – products range from USDA certified organics to “free from” products. These tend to be cheaper than other organic lines while still aligning with your values. Another quick tip is to always compare prices, then compare ingredients. If the nutrition label and ingredient list look similar, go with the cheaper product.

At first glance, it feels a little too small but as long as you time it right, Giant Heirloom Market has everything you need for a weekly shopping trip!

Check out Ivy's walk through the Graduate Hospital location here!

Giant Heirloom Market locations utilize a smaller layout tailored to the tastes and preferences of the local neighborhoods

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