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Giant Heirloom Market just opened in Graduate Hospital.  Here are the healthy picks.

On Friday, I took a stroll through Graduate Hospital’s newest grocery store – the first ever, Giant Heirloom Market. I got there bright and early for opening day and was kindly greeted with a Giant Heirloom tote bag for my shopping needs.

Giant Stores LLC, the Carlisle, PA based brand, has been around for years, but this is their first attempt at an urban-style market that specifically caters to the neighborhood in which it resides.

First Take

At first, the market felt small but as I continued my tour, I realized it had everything you’d need, especially if you live right around the corner. As I walked through the front door, I was greeted by a gorgeous produce section that was organized and well-laid-out. Those feelings continued as I continued back to the “Heirloom Kitchen” where I sampled some fresh pineapple (it was perfectly ripe). Throughout the day, you’ll find Giant Heirloom Market’s produce chef offering samples, answering questions, cutting fresh fruits and veggies on demand, and offering advice on how to incorporate specific produce into dishes.

As I continued, I was impressed by the flow of the store. I visited each section, grabbed what I needed and didn’t seem to miss anything. The merchandise ranged from Giant’s “Nature’s Promise” brand to other high-quality, health conscious brands like Dave’s Killer Bread, Hippeas, Siggi’s, etc.

Beer and Wine?  Now We're Talkin'

When I stumbled into the beer and wine section, I was truly impressed. Who knew they could fit a satisfying selection of craft beer and wine in a 9,500-square-foot market!? Of course, I was extra pumped to see our friends, Evil Genius, on display and had to remind myself it was only 7:15 AM

Other Clever Offerings

  • Who doesn’t love Kombucha on tap? No one, I know. Giant Heirloom Market has you covered here. It’s easy-peasy to fill your growlers with your favorite Synergy Kombucha.
  • I’ve seen make-your-own peanut butter, but make-your-own olive oil? Yes please. There’re various flavors so you can change it up each week.
  • As a vegetarian, I’m a sucker for a fully-stocked “Plant-Based” section. Heirloom Market delivers the seitan, tempeh, and veggie cheese that I buy each week.

To me, it checked all the boxes I need for my neighborhood grocery store. If you’re in the Graduate Hospital area, check it out and let us know what you think!

Check out the most recent news about Giant's plans for Heirloom Market!








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