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Foods to Eat For Prediabetes

So what foods will help me lower my blood sugar?

We recommend including foods that are moderately low in carbohydrates and take longer to digest. This helps prevent your blood sugars from sky-rocketing from a large dose of glucose.   The more fiber a food contains, the longer your body takes to digest it which is ideal! Blood sugar will slowly climb and back down instead of shooting straight up and straight down.

Check out our list of foods and recipes to include with prediabetes:



      Steel-cut oats 

      Choose old fashioned or steel cut oats (the less refined, the better!)

      Add some flavor using cinnamon, nuts, nut butter, or fruit
      Use low fat milk or water

      Choose pre-packaged or sweetened oatmeal
      Add too much dried fruit or sweetener- even natural sweeteners such as honey
      Use cream 

      Stone-Ground Whole Wheat Bread


      Top with heart-healthy fat spreads like avocado or nut butter
      Top with fruits, veggies, and lean proteins like banana, tomato, or egg
      Spread your consumption throughout the day


      Use spreads like butter, sweetened jam and Nutella
      Fill with highly processed foods like deli m
      eats and cheeses

      Eat a lot in one sitting 

      PB Banana toast




      Add salt-free seasonings for some flavor
      Roast em', steam em', or air fry em'!
      Eat them raw with some hummus
      Add them to your favorite dish!


      Deep fry them
      Sauté them in butter or top them with cheese

      Fennel roasted carrots

      Leafy Greens

      Eat them cooked or raw
      Buy them fresh or frozen
      Pack them into smoothies or make them into a pesto sauce
      Sneak them into soups and stews or eat them as a side dish



      Sauté them in butter or animal fats
      Boil them for too long- the nutrients in leafy greens are water-soluble, so if boiled for too long all of the nutrients will end up in the water!
      Use canned greens- these tend to have added seasonings and preservatives

      watermelon feta salad


      Include winter and summer squash
      Roast, bake, or sauté using olive oil
      Season with fresh herbs and spices


      Sauté in butter or animal fats
      Season with excess amounts of sweeteners or salt 

      stuffed butternut


      Use dried beans
      Use canned beans (be sure to rinse them to get the excess salt off from the canning process!)
      Jazz them up by throwing them in a chili, making them into burgers, or making a dip


      Use baked beans or refried beans
      Eat a large quantity at once, stick to a half cup portion at a time

      black bean burger
    3. DAIRY

      Greek Yogurt

      Look for an unsweetened option
      Add nuts, seeds, or nut butter
      Use it as a base for a smoothie or sauce
      Top it with fresh fruit

      Buy a pre-sweetened option
      Top it with sugary granola or cereals
      Mix in too many sweeteners, even natural sweeteners like honey

      beet salad
    4. PROTEIN


      Season with fresh herbs and spices
      Use lemon to add a citrus note
      Bake, grill, or pan sear


      Cook with butter
      Use sugar-filled marinades or glazes
      Deep fry

      Roasted salmon & veggies


      Eat the whole egg- the yolk has more protein per weight than the white does, so the whole egg is a great source of lean protein!
      Use cooking spray to prevent the eggs from sticking to the pan


      Use butter or an excess of oil while cooking

      egg muffins
    5. FAT
      Look for a raw or roasted option with no added seasonings
      Eat them in the form of an all natural nut butter
      Add them to yogurt, granola, salads, or eat them as a snack
      Be mindful of portions- although they are healthy fats, they are still calorie-dense!

      Opt for a flavored option- these tend to include high amounts of sugar, salt, and extra calories
      Use a nut butter with added sugars- look for brands that just have the nut as the ingredients!
      Consume them in excess
      Choose a trail mix that is loaded with chocolate and fried fruit with sugar added

      Asian cashew salad

Aside from these everyday foods, there are also a handful of "functional" foods that can regulate blood sugar levels. Functional foods are naturally occurring foods that are shown to have additional medicinal benefits beyond basic nutrition. Try mixing these into your snacks and meals:


Chia Seeds


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Flax Seeds

Apple Cider Vinegar


Interested in a total overhaul to better manage your prediabetes?  Check out  our comprehensive prediabetes diet recommendations.

Have you joined our Diabetes Support Group yet?  Led by Certified Diabetes Educator Zoe Fienman RD, LDN, use this Q&A group as a forum to learn from experts and support the community.


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