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Recently awarded Philadelphia Magazine's - Best of Philly 2018, our goal is to liberate you from the nutrition myths and fad diets running rampant online.

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Gal Cohen, MS, RD

Gal Cohen, MS, RD

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Common Nutrition Myths

We’ve all been there: Your mom’s best friend’s dog walker tried a crazy diet, dropped 30 lbs, and no...
Gal Cohen, MS, RD Feb 4, 2019 7:31:38 PM

The Scoop on Dietary Restrictions

What do pizza and ice cream have in common?  Well, they contain hot-topic ingredients like gluten an...
Gal Cohen, MS, RD Feb 4, 2019 7:31:12 PM

Do Calories Really Matter?

Calories are our body’s form of energy, thus playing an essential role in weight loss. “Ok, so i’ll ...
Gal Cohen, MS, RD Dec 23, 2018 10:01:46 AM

Sugar - What's all the Hype About Anyway?!

With a huge nutritional difference between added and natural sugars, it's important to know how to s...
Gal Cohen, MS, RD Dec 13, 2018 10:01:16 PM

9 Breakfast Recipes without the Egg

Breakfast- the most important meal of the day! (who hasn't heard that before?) Starting your morning...
Gal Cohen, MS, RD Nov 16, 2018 4:34:07 PM

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