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Are food labels misleading?

Aug 30 , 2018 | Emily Pierce RD, LDN

Packaged and processed foods have been labeled as misleading in recent years- and for good reason! Most consumers don’t understand what’s in the packaged products that enticingly sit on every store shelf. If the food tastes good, why do manufacturers feel the need to mess with it? You already know- the less ingredients the better. If you’re shopping for tomato sauce, you might already know the main ...

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Will the paleo diet help me lose weight?

Aug 30 , 2018 | OnPoint Nutrition Team

“Paleo” has become a common buzzword when it comes to weight loss.  But what is this weight loss method really about?  Upon what science is its nutrition based?  Our goal is to educate you about Paleo history, summarize its food recommendations, show you how it compares to OnPoint Nutrition Counseling, and explain why Paleo may not be the best way to structure your diet, weight loss, and Nutrition ...

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Three habits of really healthy people

Jul 26 , 2018 | Britney Kennedy

Why is it that some of us lack the motivation to keep up with tasks that allow is to reach our goals? Is it because these goals are unrealistic or overshot? It’s hard to say for sure, but one thing that’s certain is that everyone can better their health by simply improving their diets! This doesn’t mean you should jump on the newest diet craze, but instead tweak your current regime. By following some ...

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Are fad diets healthy?

Jul 26 , 2018 | Ivy Eliff

It’s no secret that wellness and fitness are all the rage right now. You can snag a green juice on every corner and a new workout top practically anywhere. Macros, keto, gluten-free… the list goes on and on of the words we overhear in the gym and skim over too many times on the web. If you’re unsure, look no further. I’m here to break these health buzzwords down so you can be a part of the convo and ...

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Are meal delivery services healthy?

Jul 25 , 2018 | Ivy Eliff

By now, you’ve probably tried or at least heard of meal delivery service that drop pre-portioned ingredients with recipes to your front door. They’ve been around for over four years now but continue to grow in numbers at a rapid rate. As of now, there are almost 100 home meal delivery services available in the United States alone! From Blue Apron to Home Chef to Plated to Sun Basket, they're taking the ...

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