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Air Fried Potato Chips

  If you have an air fryer, you have to try these bad boys out as a side or snack in the near future...
Ivy Eliff November 12, 2019

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

    Pumpkin is a great addition to baking and it's super nutritious! Pumpkin is low in calories and ...
Ivy Eliff October 07, 2019

Air Fried Brussels Sprouts

  The air fryer is a game changer when it comes to quick and easy protein and veggie meals.  All we ...
Ivy Eliff October 07, 2019

OnPoint Easy Pasta Salad

    This pasta salad is perfect for your Summer picnic or pot luck. Loaded with veggies and plant ba...
Ivy Eliff September 11, 2019

Mushroom and Asparagus ABC's

How FUN are these new @eatbanza alphabets!? We know they make our favorite chickpea pasta more kid-f...
Ivy Eliff September 01, 2019

Cold Couscous Salad

OPN Conversion: 3/4 cup = 1 starch + 1/2 veg + 1 fat 
OnPoint Nutrition Team August 09, 2019

Crispy Chickpea Caesar Salad

OPN Conversion: Serves 4 (2C portions) = 2 starch + 1 veggie + 2 fat 
OnPoint Nutrition Team August 05, 2019

Tomato & Chickpea Salad

OPN Conversion: Makes about two 1 cup servings = 1 starch + 1 veg + 2 fat
OnPoint Nutrition Team August 05, 2019

Tuna Avocado Pasta Salad

Tuna avocado pasta salad - blasting with flavor and protein too! Meal prep friendly or perfect for a...
OnPoint Nutrition Team June 12, 2019

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